The following are some of the industries in which Glen W. Bell is knowledgeable based on his long professional experience and training in commercial/contract disputes:

  • Resource Management – mining; agriculture; fishing; logging; gas/oil
  • Distributorship
  • Franchising
  • Strata Property (condominiums)
  • Real estate – sales; development; taxation; valuation; commercial tenancy
  • Land Use – resort planning; boundary disputes
  • Construction – building and equipment design; owner-contractor-subcontractor disputes
  • Transportation – common carriers; pipelines
  • Telecommunications – telephone system construction; rate setting
  • Oil/gas Exploration and Distribution – pipeline construction; environmental and socio-economic impact
  • Waste Management – toxic and solid waste treatment and disposal; contaminated sites; environmental impact
  • International transactions – goods, services
  • Estates
  • Professional and business ethics


In addition to the usual litigation/arbitration skills, Glen W. Bell claims special expertise in the following:

  • Impact of statutory provisions on contract interpretation
  • Understanding and assessing expert reports in a variety of fields – engineering, architecture, science, economics, finance, medicine, land surveying, valuation and others
  • Familiarity with arbitration statutes of all Canadian jurisdictions
  • Familiarity with various sets of arbitration rules: ADRIC, UNCITRAL, ICC, VanIAC, CCDC, AAA, etc. decision-writing – 300+ decisions; teaching award-writing to arbitrators
  • Mediation as an adjunct to arbitration; med-arb
  • Chair of 3-person panels